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The Wall of Commitment – Our D&I Journey

At Evonith, “Respect for all” is one of our core values, which encompasses “Diversity and Inclusion” (D&I) at the workplace. Our commitment to D&I includes gender, age, culture, and ensures a supportive and inclusive work environment.

We believe that a diverse workforce fosters more productivity, better judgement, improved teamwork, and more creative thinking.

To work towards our commitment to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, the HR team of Evonith has commenced D&I Journey with rolling out various initiatives such as

D&I pulse survey – to understand employees experience related to D&I at Evonith

D&I council – formation of D&I council with a fair representation from Senior leadership, Women employees, young employees etc. The D&I council will help to create and design the D&I strategy for the organization, frame D&I policies and give visibility to D&I across Evonith, the D&I council will also help to address grievances if any related to D&I.

Sensitization Workshops – for D&I are designed for employees of Evonith group to help them on their journey to become more inclusive leaders. More than 120 employees were covered through several batches of the workshop conducted at Wardha and at Head office.

The workshops helped the participants to have a better understanding of What is D&I and its importance at workplace, discover unconscious biases and best practices to deal with it, explore and gain inclusive mindset and foster a respectful environment at work.

During these interactive workshops, the participants were encouraged to develop new ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The participants discussed about their personal unconscious biases and how to alleviate them with the “PAUSE technique”.

The workshops came to a successful conclusion with each participant taking personal actions to reduce unconscious prejudice and improve inclusivity in their teams.

In addition to the above initiatives our teams are continuously working on improving infrastructure, hiring diverse talent, and enhancing inclusivity in the work environment.

Although the journey to diversity and inclusion is a long one, we have made progress and are determined to keep pursuing this initiative.