Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

Doing Business, the Evonith Way

Here at Evonith Steel, continuous evolution is the cornerstone of our ethos. It is not just a saying; it is a way of life. We prioritize continuous improvement and development, which allows us to stay at the forefront of the metals and mining, infrastructure, and allied industries.

Evonith Steel, a play on ‘evolving Nithia’, is the umbrella banner for the rebranded avatars of Nithia Capital’s India investments in metals, mining and steel.

Nithia Capital’s first investment in the steel industry is located at Wardha, Maharashtra and has been renamed Evonith Steel. The name is new, but there’s a lot that hasn’t changed. Especially Nithia’s core values of putting people first, creating positive impact on communities, and striving for excellence.

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The Evonith Promise

Evonith Steel is the brand that cares. Our promise is of steadfast commitment to protecting and caring for our employees, the environment, and all stakeholders we collaborate with. Our promise is of a better today through persistently striving for product and process excellence.

We never drop the ball when it comes to:

  • Creating a safe and secure environment for everyone
  • Promoting sustainability in the community
  • Building strong partnerships with stakeholders
  • Our Values


    Respect for all. We listen. We care.


    Well-being for all. We assure. We ensure.


    Excellence for all. We promise. We deliver.

    Our Work Ethos

    Evonith Steel strives for the betterment of all in the metals and mining industry, hence the slogan ‘here for all’. Whether it is our customers or our internal stakeholders or even the larger community, we continuously work towards making every day better.

    We look after our people

    At Evonith Steel, we foster a culture of trust and collaboration. Our employees are committed to pushing the boundaries with creative ideas that lead us towards lasting success – all possible because of openness and honest communication
    which lies at the heart of everything we do!

    Safety comes first

    At our company, safety is a top priority. This means providing regular training on health & safety matters and involving employees in problem-solving workshops to identify potential production hazards

    We strive for excellence

    We don’t just develop resourceful norms to stay ahead in this ever-changing market – we empower our people. We have empowered our people to be free-thinking and innovative. We encourage unconventional thinking to make strides in delivering high-quality products.

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    “EVOLUTION” is in Evonith’s DNA and symbolizes Nithia’s evolution in India

    Corporate Office

    “EVOLUTION” is in Evonith’s DNA and symbolizes Nithia’s evolution in India

    Corporate Office
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