Skilled and dynamic workforce

Our workforce performs like none other in the steel industry because we believe in thriving as a community…


Sustainable practices in resource allocation

Evonith proudly uses recycled scrap to make high-quality, low-emission steel. Our steel…


Operational Excellence

Understanding customer requirements, leveraging our collective strengths, and delivering…


Evonith - Nithia’s DNA in India

Evonith is a leading industrial manufacturing organization in the metals and mining sectors and a pioneer in infrastructure development. However, as a brand, Evonith builds something much more significant than just infrastructure. We build lives and sustainable communities. By not compromising on safety rules and regulations, we ensure the well-being of our people in the plants, the workplace, and their lives. As a new-age steel maker, it is our firm desire to grow beyond conventional business models and become the backbone of our community, the lynchpin of sustainability, and to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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Extensive presence across industrial sectors

Evonith is proud to showcase its presence and the services it offers to a diverse range of industries. These contributions range from railways and wagons to gas pipelines, and from agricultural products to transmission line towers. Evonith has enriched every facet of society, enabling both present and future generations to prosper.

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Environmental, Social and Governance
Sustainable development goals for a resilient future

Evonith’s primary objective is its commitment to environmental preservation. Furthermore, we ensure gender equality, diversity, safety, and transparency in our work environment to have a positive social influence on the lives of those who are connected with us. Finally, we hold corporate conduct, financial discipline, shareholder rights, and ethics to a high moral standard, which in more ways than one makes Evonith an ideal workplace.