Evonith Steel

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With 1 MTPA of crude steel output, EVONITH STEEL is a primary integrated flat steel manufacturer based in Maharashtra, India. Our facilities are located in the city of Wardha, which is close to the geographical center of the nation. This allows us to leverage the region's extensive transit connectivity, accessibility to raw materials, and infrastructure, such as our in-house, five-platform railway siding.

Aiming to establish itself as one of India's premier steelmakers, the organization began operations in 1994 and addressed the requirements of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and Original Equipment Manufacturers in the region.

Evolution is all about looking forward, that's why...

Today, Evonith Steel symbolizes the organization's journey to the pinnacle of the industrial manufacturing sector for metals and mining.



Strict adherence of safety protocol in the organization

Steel Making Process Through EAF

All steel produced and processed in Electric Arc Furnace

Recycled Steel

Use of recycled ferrous scrap to produce steel

EAF Slag Usage

Utilizing EAF Slag in the production process lowering production costs

Power Generation

Power generated using Blast Furnace Gas makes us self-sufficient in power to run our Iron Making Complex

Replacement of Fossil Fuel

Functioning of Steel Making Complex on Coke Oven Gas which replaces fossil fuels like LDO and HSD oils

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