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Caring for Our Animal Friends: Evonith’s Commitment to Animal Welfare

At Evonith, our People First initiative extends beyond humans to encompass the well-being of all living beings we share this planet with. We believe in caring for every creature, big or small, and that includes our animal friends. 

Karunashram, located in Wardha, is an animal welfare and care center operated by the nonprofit organization People for Animals. It serves as a sanctuary for injured wild animals and abandoned pets, providing them with shelter, love, and care. 

One of the special residents at Karunashram is Leopard Jaggu. Born with his eyes shut, he was abandoned by his mother. To give him a chance at a better life, he underwent a delicate operation to open his eyes. However, even after the operation, Jaggu continued to face attacks from his mother. Concerned for his safety, Karunashram adopted Jaggu, providing him with the protection and care he desperately needed. 

Since his adoption, Jaggu has made remarkable progress. His weight has increased from 32 to a healthy 45 kilograms, thanks to the dedicated care provided by the team at Karunashram. 

In addition to Jaggu, we also extend our nourishment and care to two sloth bears, Pushpa and Chhaya, who have found a safe haven at Karunashram. When adopted, Pushpa weighed 17 kilograms, and now she has thrived, reaching a weight of 40 kilograms. Similarly, Chhaya’s weight has increased from 17 to 35 kilograms under the loving care of the Karunashram team. 

At Evonith, we understand that animals deserve our compassion and support. In addition to adopting and providing care for these incredible animals, we also contribute dog food and essential supplies to ensure the well-being of various other animals housed at Karunashram. 

Join us in celebrating our commitment to animal welfare as we continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our furry friends. Together, we can create a more compassionate world for all beings. 

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