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Celebrating International Women’s Day – Women led Enterprise Inaugration and Ajeevika Sakhis Felicitation

At Evonith, we are working every day towards empowering women in our community by providing them with sources of alternative financial independence and social respect.

As part of our ongoing initiative, we created a Rural Livelihood Program in five neighbouring villages to empower local women through small-scale enterprises, propelling them towards financial independence.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the spice unit and organic fertilizer manufacturing unit were inaugurated and our Ajeevika Sakhis were felicitated. It is through their trust in us and strong influence, that we are able to see a bright future for the women in our community today.

This is a celebration for women who emerge as leaders and make a positive impact not only on themselves but also on the lives of other women in their neighbourhoods.

As Holistic development, A Rural Livelihood Program has been initiated for the identified 10 villages around our factory site. This program focuses on how we can help improve and boost the already existing Livelihoods, by focusing on farmer-beneficiaries through the below four areas over a period of 3 years:

Introduction of Climate-smart agriculture practices– We have introduced new techniques that have helped increase their already existing agriculture yields namely double cropping, drip irrigation, new fertilizers, etc

  1. Dairy Farming– We have introduced milk as an alternative source of income by introducing techniques that help boost milk production in their cattle. Techniques like Sorted Semen Artificial Insemination, green fodder cultivation,regular cattle health checkups,etc
  2. Small scale Enterprises: Through the already existing Women Self Help Groups in the villages, we have introduced 4-5 small scale enterprises that are helping them boost their income. Egs like Vermicompost, Spices manufacturing, Catering business 
  3. Convergence: We are educating the village beneficiaries on existing government schemes and helping  create linkages wherever possible