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We offer high quality Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets which are primarily used in the Automobile & Packaging industry in addition to other applications like power plants and industrial items. Cold rolled coils are created by chilling the hot rolled pickled product (cold steel process) and putting it through a cold reduction mill to reduce thickness and improve surface polish.

The products come with a superior surface finish, enhanced physical properties of the steel, such as tensile strength, and can customize its thickness to precise gauges. Evonith’s Cold Rolled Closed Annealed (CRCA) is industry’s competent and evolving cold rolling sheet.The company also produces further processed cold rolled products, including galvanized sheets.

GRADE Min Thickness Max Thickness
C10 0.38 mm 0.58 mm
C20 0.58 mm 0.9 mm
C30 0.65 mm 1.27 mm
C50 1.12 mm 1.27 mm

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