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Hot Rolled

Hot rolled products

Hot rolled steel is a highly versatile and reliable material utilized across diverse industries for numerous applications. One of the significant benefits of the hot rolling process includes better homogenization of the material, as it eliminates any casting defects from the steel.

Characterized by its cost-effectiveness and comprehensive mechanical properties, hot-rolled steel is a popular choice among engineers and designers for a wide array of applications, such as automotive production, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, railroad tracks, and structural components. The hot rolling process also facilitates enhanced surface finishes, improved pressure resistance, and optimum tensile strength, making it ideal for load-bearing structures. Evonith is a producer of high-quality hot-rolled steel.

A noteworthy advantage of our hot rolled steel manufacturing process is our 60mt heat size capacity, which allows for the production of tailor-made grades specific to the project requirements. Through the adoption of innovative technology and adherence to strict quality control measures, we are committed to providing a diverse range of high-grade hot rolled steel products, ensuring a continuous supply that caters to the ever-evolving demands of the engineering domain.

Product Specifications

Forms Available Thickness Range (In mm) Width Range (In mm) Length (In mm)
Coil 3-25 900-1250 -
Sheets 3-19 900-1250 2000-12000
Plates 20-150 900-1250 2000-12000

Markets and applications


LPG Cylinders

Oil & Gas Pipelines

General Category

Railways & Wagons

Pressure Vessels


“EVOLUTION” is in Evonith’s DNA and symbolizes Nithia’s evolution in India

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“EVOLUTION” is in Evonith’s DNA and symbolizes Nithia’s evolution in India

Corporate Office
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