Galvanized Steel

Our galvanized steel is high in strength, corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed during the process create a protective coat around the steel, which helps keep the moisture out and hence preventing corrosion. The galvanizing process also provides excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, giving our products unmatched protection against the elements.


A wide thickness range for varied applications.

Customised hardness rendered thanks to continuous annealing at the galvanizing line.

A wide range of surface finishes, including bright, dull and matte. Plus, a choice of regular or minimum spangles, so you can customize these your way.

Manufactured in commercial, forming, drawing and structural grades.

Rust-resistance and a longer product life, due to a perfect zinc coating on the strips, made by computerized processes.

Sheets can be subjected to bending and forming without the flaking of zinc.

GP Coils/Sheets Enquire

Spearheaded the production and distribution of customizable lightweight superior Galvanized products in India on a large scale. A renowned brand in the market, we offer a wide range of GP coils with width ranging from 900 to 1250 mm along with Yield Strength (YS) for full hard from IS 277 : GPH to Ordinary GP soft and various structural grades.

Our integrated steel plant facilitates servicing of coils in sheet form and Slit coil form for various applications in retail and OEMs. zero mile advantage of our manufacturing plant helps in quick delivery PAN India.

Grades EN10346 S320 , S350 GD, ASTM A 653 Gr 50, etc

Forms Available Thickness Range (In mm) Width Range (In mm) Length (In mm) Zinc Coating (GSM)
Coil 0.20-0.65 900-1250 NA 70-150
Coil 0.35–1.6 1220/1250 NA 200
Coil 0.35–1.2 1220/1250 NA 275
Sheets 0.32–1.6 900-1250 2000-3600 80-120
Slit Coil 0.50–1.6 50-1220 NA 80-120

GC Sheets Enquire

The most basic of the steel roofing sheets is the galvanized corrugated sheets. These sheets are created using steel as the base and a layer of Zinc is created above the inner steel layer which gives an added protection to the steel. Uttam Value GC sheets give you the twin benefits of superior quality and super savings with 13 corrugations and a width of 910 mm, Uttam Value GC sheets are 13% wider than standard 800 mm GC sheets having 11 corrugations.

Uttam Value provide wider GC sheets also in 1220 mm width (limited allocation subject to availability) with 16 corrugations are more cost effective and economical since fewer sheets are required comparatively.

Forms Available Thickness Range (In mm) Width Range (In mm) Length (In mm) No of corrugation (nali)
GC sheet 0.20-0.60 740-910 2440-4880 11/13
GC sheet 0.35–0.50 1160/1220 2440-4880 16
GP HARD 20-150 900-1250 2440-4880 11/13

Uttam Value GC sheets are manufactured to the exact parameters of thickness, length, width and zinc coating as per the specified requirements. Uttam Value Wide GC sheets and Wider GC sheets are more cost effective since fewer sheets are required.

  • Even corrugations ensure perfect overlapping, which results in perfect weatherproofing.
  • High tensile strength ensures greater resistance to natural forces like hailstorms and other external forces.
  • ISI certified under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • Vast network of dealers, distributors, and sales offices across the India

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