History & Culture

Experience combined with expertise takes Evonith into the future

The district of Wardha has a significant presence in India’s history. It has a rich cultural heritage and is home to the famous Sevagram Ashram as well as iconic landmarks like the Paramdham Ashram, Gitai Mandir, and Vishwa Shanti Stupa. Over the years, thanks to its geographical position and transport connectivity, the city of Wardha has developed into an industrial hotspot.

The story began back in 1994, when Uttam Value Steel Limited (UVSL) commenced operations in Wardha, Nagpur, with a focus on cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel production, while Uttam Galva Metallics Limited (UGML) fulfilled the hot metal requirements. They became known collectively as the Wardha Steel Complex. Back then, we had a strong desire to be the front-runner in the steel sector. By focusing on productivity, reliability, and sustainability, the Wardha Steel Complex was transformed into Evonith Steel - a new-age steel maker.

Evonith Steel is now among India's most comprehensive producers of steel and steel products. A steel complex that is fully integrated and has modern facilities that can cater to the requirements of other sectors. We have indeed evolved, but we have not forgotten our roots. Because of our humble origins, we have a mentality that emphasizes diligence and overcoming adversity to consistently produce positive results. A philosophy that continues to have a massive influence on our organization. But empowering our employees is equally crucial.

We are who we are because of our people. We were able to become a stalwart in the steel industry thanks to them. All we've done is provide them with an environment where they feel safe, valued, and passionate about what they do. This is about giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and the freedom to think outside the box. By doing so, they can learn from their mistakes and pursue their potential. The name 'Evonith' symbolizes continuous evolution and is ingrained deeply into the hearts and minds of each one of our employees. This is the bare minimum as we strengthen our foothold in the metals and mining industry.

What We Have Achieved

Launch of Evonith

The brand transition from UVSL & UGML to Evonith is approved by the board of directors, to evolve the firm from a company that manufactures steel into a sustainable market leader in the metals and mining sectors.

Blast Furnace 2 Commissioned

The commissioning of a second blast furnace, a cutting-edge marvel with increased production of 0.7 MTPA, marks yet another crucial turning point for our company.

BF 2
Culture - APC
Arising Processing Center(APC)

The company creates the Arising Process Center, the first facility of its kind in India, to identify an effective method for salvaging and reusing steel scrap that results from the transference of steel sheets from HR Mill to CR Mill.

HR Slitter-2

To address the needs of the pre-engineered building industry, the company initiates slitting and blanking lines at the premises of our hot rolling mill.

HR Slitter
chequred Coil 1-1
1st HR Chequered Coil

With the production of our first batch of chequered coils at our hot rolling mill using a Steckel mill, the company enters a new era of steelmaking.

Sinter Plant

As part of an endeavor to reduce production costs and further improve the sustainability of our steel production process, the firm installs a 0.8 MTPA sinter plant.

Coke Oven

The company builds a 0.5 MTPA coke oven to supplement the hot metal output for BF-1, which also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Blast Furnace 1

Marking a watershed moment in the company's history, we begin the operation of our first blast furnace with a capacity of 0.5 MTPA.

CR Mill 2

As part of Phase 2 expansion, a second cold rolling mill with a temper pass mill is installed

CR Mill 1

As part of our Phase 1 expansion, operations begin for the company’s first cold rolling mill, which is instrumental in bringing CRFH Steel and CRCA Steel to the market.

Through the addition of continuous galvanizing lines to our cold rolling mill, the company introduces HDG Steel to the market.


The first tonne of steel came out of the plant on May 26, 1994.

Little did the world realize the magnitude of work that went into turning this dream into reality. A proud moment for Wardha Steel Complex and for our beloved Nation too.

1st HR Coil from HRM

Our journey begins when Uttam Value Steel Ltd. and Uttam Galva Metallics Ltd. are established in the city of Wardha, forming the Wardha Steel Complex.

With the successful commissioning of its hot rolling mill, the company opens up the prospect of creating downstream facilities—the first tangible step towards establishing our footprint in the Indian steel sector.