What began as a journey in 1994 to be one of the leading steel manufacturers in India has now been transformed into being a leading industrial manufacturer in the business of metals and mining. The reason for this transformation is represented in our name – EVOLUTION.

Today, Evonith Steel is a fully integrated primary steel plant with a capacity of 2 MTPA.

This is a compelling achievement that stands as a testament to our people's dedication and desire. They are leading Evonith’s charge toward the summit of the metals and mining industry by delivering excellence at every step along the way. There is no compromise in their pursuit of producing steel and steel products of the highest standard. By listening to and understanding the requirements of our clients, we provide an unparalleled service driven by critical thinking and innovation.

However, the drive to continuously improve doesn't stop there. Our team of specialists, technologists, and metallurgists at Wardha Steel Complex uses customer feedback, market research, in-house studies, and the latest technology to give Evonith the ability to design optimal solutions for the future.

But as a brand, Evonith represents a lot more than just steel. Sustainability is the tenet on which our operations are based, as we understand that the next chapter in our evolution story cannot come at the expense of future generations. In our organization, preserving and nurturing the environment has become a personal ethos. Therefore, our plants are equipped with the most sophisticated pollution measurement and control systems. We have also employed horticulturists to monitor thousands of saplings that have been planted around our facilities in order to contribute to global reforestation efforts and act as a Carbon Sink. Furthermore, through transparent communications, Evonith is focused on fostering synergy between our dealers, suppliers, consumers, customers, distributor networks, the communities where we prosper, and the people we work with. This will enable us to significantly support each other’s development.

With civility, productivity, and sustainability as our defining characteristics, we shape the growth stories of each of our stakeholders.

The Dual Prongs of Evonith Steel use advanced technology to sustain individual-level quality uniformity:

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